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Our Challenge

This is a most critical time for Selma University. On Thursday, August 1, 2019, the University received devastating news that it was not recertified for participation in the Federal Student Financial Assistance program due to inadequate paperwork and incomplete files. Because of this violation the school has to repay the amount given to students with incomplete files plus interest and fees. The amount totaled $763,246 at that time—the total at present is $785,757 including interest.  It is imperative that Selma University raise $2,000,000 to pay-off debt and regain a solid financial footing to continue changing the lives of hundreds of aspiring students in Selma and throughout the State of Alabama.  

Our Vision

As we notice the continuing decline and decay that affects our nation, we must reaffirm our belief in the core mission of Selma University and recommit our effort and energy to sustain and strengthen her. Selma University faces problems which afflict many HBCU’s in these troublesome times: unsteady resources, crumbling infrastructure and dwindling student enrollment. In an effort to address significant concerns raised by these factors and concerns of the Department of Education, the Board of Trustees, Alabama State Missionary Baptist Convention President and District State Presidents have joined together to rally around Selma University. Additionally, I have invited an ad hoc committee of friends of the University to join my staff to carry out this giving campaign.


We are appealing to people of good will to help us through this crisis. We are appealing to foundations, philanthropists, professional athletes, churches, alumni and people in general to donate. We need your help to raise this money in the next (60) days, so that we can accomplish our goal and submit the paperwork to be reinstated to once again receive Federal Financial Aid.


Although our challenge is great, our resolve is greater. Let us Unite NOW in solidarity to ensure that 141 years of service to humanity continues well into the distant future.