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Alumni and Friends

For the first time after more than twenty years as President, it is imperative for me to share with you that our beloved University is at a critical crossroads and we need you to unite with us to raise $2,000,000 to pay off debt to the United States Department of Education and establish an endowment for the Institution. Your generous contribution is requested by November 2, 2019.   

We have set up an official PayPal website to receive tax deductible donations. 

Dr. Alvin A. Cleveland, Sr., President

Our Challenge 

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Alumni Challenge

I am calling for every alum all over the world to donate and reach out to at least 5 more alums to unite with us!!! 

Jamal Browder, Spring 2019 Graduate, MA in Pastoral Ministry, with his wife Kandice

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Student Challenge

Let's give to something greater than we are.  Join us in giving to support 141 years of teaching and learning.

Moneisha Edwards (seated) and Destiny Hatcher, both are sophomores from Orrville, AL

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Community Challenge

Selma U is ours. She creates servant leaders and pumps millions of dollars back into our community. Let's do this!!!

Mr. Randall Miller, Owner of Miller Funeral Home, Selma, AL